Groundhog Removal


Groundhogs aren’t just pesky animals; they can cause real damage to your yard, garden, or your crops. These pests are known to burrow into the ground, making it difficult to remove them from your property on your own. If you’re looking for dependable and effective groundhog removal services, look no further than the experts at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control.

When it comes to groundhog removal and control, you need a team of experienced professionals who will not only take care of your problem, but prevent issues in the future. Backed by over 90 years of experience, our professional team utilizes top-grade equipment and our decades of experience to locate the root of the problem, quickly identifying your specific issue, and finding the best way to control it.

Groundhog Control Made Simple

Groundhogs can cause tremendous damage to your plants if not effectively controlled. We have the expertise and the required experience to keep your vegetables and ornamental garden safe from groundhogs. Our groundhog removal services include:

  • Thoroughly inspecting your property to identify problem areas

  • Utilizing live traps to safely remove groundhogs

  • Filling any burrows to prevent future animal problems

  • Providing a detailed inspection report with recommendations on how to prevent problems now and in the future

  • And more

Groundhog Behaviors

Groundhogs are herbivorous animals; they love to eat greens, vegetables, ornamental, and shred herbs to pieces. They are vegetarians and specialize in digging holes in a nice and well-maintained environment. They usually dig burrows along foundations, under decks, under sheds, behind woodpiles, or in a heavily vegetative area.

You’ve worked hard to maintain your property. Prevent damage and keep your lawn safe with dependable groundhog removal services from CJB Pest and Mosquito Control. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free estimate.

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