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As a home or business owner, the word ‘cockroach’ is enough to plague your nightmares for weeks. However, when this fear becomes an unwanted reality, you need a pest control company you can rely on. At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, we have over 90 years of experience providing top-quality roach control services for residential and commercial clients. Our professional team utilizes the most aggressive approach in eliminating your current roach problem. After you call a professional roach exterminator and schedule an appointment, our staff will provide you with the necessary information to properly prep your home or business, helping to ensure the highest quality of treatment at the time of service.

Relax in a Roach-Free Environment

If you have signs of a cockroach infestation, it is important to contact the professionals at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control right away. Our professional specialize in the extermination of a variety of roach species, including:

  • German Cockroaches: Brownish in color, 0.5 inch - 1.25 inches with black stripes behind their head.

  • American Cockroaches: More reddish, large, seen around sewer lines/pipes.

  • Oriental Cockroaches: Black in color, no stripes behind the head, 0.5 inch – 2 inches in size, originate from sewer lines as well.

  • And More

Cockroaches are resilient pests, and without professional help, they’ll keep coming back. As your trusted roach exterminator, CJB Pest and Mosquito Control is well prepared and educated to rid you of any cockroach infestation quickly. Utilizing the best combination of residual treatment, flushing agents, and baits, we’ll exterminate any roaches that have taken over your space and the ones that may come later. Our four-step roach extermination approach includes:

  • A prep sheet to ensure the best treatment and corrections needed.

  • Best residual treatment and bait applications to wipe out the population quickly.

  • An information sheet to inform you what to expect after treatment and how to prevent future problems.

  • A 6-month guarantee. Call us for a no-charge touch up if activity seen.

Michigan Roaches

In Michigan, there are at a minimum five types of roaches found outdoors or inside homes or businesses: American Cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Brown-Banded Cockroach, and wood Cockroaches. Out of the five species, the German Cockroach is the one to be concerned about as it likes to be indoors. However, in very humid conditions, the American and Oriental roaches may also be found indoors.

Roach Infestation

A female cockroach can carry eight egg casings, and each one can contain approximately 40 eggs. The female releases one sac every six weeks, and the nymph takes up to three months to grow into a fully mature cockroach. Finding a mate is not hard, and an average cockroach can live from 1 to 2 years depending on their living condition. If you do the rough math, you can have a good idea of how soon your house can be crawling with hundreds of cockroaches.

How Do I Prevent Roach Breeding & Hiding Areas?

Cockroaches are not easy to get rid of, so it is advisable to put up prevention. The main things you need to cover all food, water, and shelter areas.

  • Repair any water leaks immediately. Do not leave empty pop/beer bottles under sinks.
  • Keep the floors clean, do not let trash cans become overfilled.
  • Clean dark and hard to reach areas such as behind and under appliances in your kitchen. Clean grease off stoves, don’t store paper/plastic bags stuffed in cabinets.
  • Seal all gaps in kitchen & bathrooms such as your backsplash, passages where cabinets meet the wall, holes/gaps in drywall, baseboard edges that are not sealed.
  • Remove any trash or paper that may get behind your fridge or stove.

Where Do Roaches Hide?

As cockroaches live in the dark, they prefer small spaces that are dark, moist, and warm. Cockroaches cannot survive in harsh weather, which is why they look for shelter inside homes. The most common place for cockroaches to hide is in the kitchen area as it provides all of their necessities, dark, warm shelter, and easy access to food and water. Most cockroaches live below or behind refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances. Cockroaches can live for months without food, but will not survive for even a few days without water.

What are the Signs of a Heavy Roach Infestation?

The most common sign of a roach infestation is their feces, as they leave behind dropping everywhere. They are mostly the size of a coffee bean, but larger roaches leave behind cylindrically shaped droppings. Another sign of infestation is a musty and oily smell, especially in the kitchen area. The last sign that will confirm a roach infestation is when you see small cockroaches running around inside the home in water areas (kitchen, bathroom, laundry) that are a clear sign of an infestation as they have started to breed.

Don’t let roaches continue to take over your space. Get rid of them for good with our top-grade roach control services. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free estimate with one of our experts.

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