Flea Control

Fleas. One of the most dreaded, microscopic pests. They are brought into your home via pet, human (jumping on clothing), used furniture, rugs, or clothing. The most active time for fleas entering the home is in the Fall once the temperatures start to dip below 50 degrees. Whatever the case may be, you need a trusted flea exterminator to properly take care of the problem. A local pest control company like CJB Pest and Mosquito Control can quickly eliminate the fleas within your home and inform you on how to prevent future problems. With over 90 years of experience, our technicians are equipped with the knowledge, skill, and treatment techniques to ensure your home is free from the chaos fleas can cause.

Your Trusted Flea Exterminator

Fleas are constantly on the hunt for a blood meal from a tasty host, either pets or humans. When a flea problem is identified, things can quickly go from a small issue to a total infestation. In other words, one day they aren’t there, and the next, they are all over your entire house. At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, our professional staff will get the specifics of your home, explain how our process works, schedule the service, and send out a state-certified technician specialized in flea elimination. You will also have peace of mind with our 6 month Guarantee!

We will provide you with a prep sheet detailing everything you need to do as a homeowner prior to a service for fleas. Our technicians provide a thorough, one-time treatment to rid your home of fleas quickly and effectively. Then, they'll provide you with an information sheet on what to expect after treatment and what you can personally do to prevent future problems.

The flea life cycle is exceptionally long, which means the extermination of these pests may require multiple treatments in extreme cases. When you work with CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, our methods for flea control will ensure a plan is set to end the flea life cycle, allowing you to reclaim the comfort and safety of your home again.

Flea Control & Pet Owners

Is the infestation source your cat or dog? If so, you must get a flea treatment done to them either before, or on, the day of service. You will then need to continue to have them on long-term prevention medication, thoroughly wash all pet bedding, and vacuum your carpet as well as any rugs.

Fleas Overview

Unlike most household pests, fleas bite our furry pets as well as humans. Flea bites can cause extreme itching and irritation. Fleas can also transmit bacterial infections as well as tapeworms. The pests are highly productive; the adult (biting) stage might be living on the pet, in addition to thousands of eggs, larvae, and pupae in the home or yard. A flea infestation can quickly develop and spiral out of control if not addressed early.

Fleas And Pets

Once a pet has a noticeable flea problem, you should call a professional flea exterminator because you will most likely need a treatment to the home. This is because female fleas can lay 40 to 50 eggs per day in almost any setting, and because once the pet is treated, fleas will look to humans for their blood meal.

Over The Counter Flea Treatments

A form of treatment NOT recommended as a sole method for treating fleas are known as “bug bombs“. Foggers are rarely effective against fleas because the ingredients are released upwards into the air and often do not reach into hidden areas of flea development. They will hide under baseboard edges, in carpet, furniture, area rugs, pet beds, and in the bed’s you sleep in. Anywhere they can be close to a host (pets and humans.)

How to Recognize a Flea Infestation

xcessive scratching or grooming, by your pet, could indicate a potential flea problem. Red irritated skin and loose hairs are also flea problem indicators. Flies are about 2-1/2 mm in size, have a reddest-brown shiny appearance so you might be able to spot them readily. Flea droppings, or flea dirt, appear black and coarse and often look piled in clumps. Pet bedding, pets, or around your home are spots most likely to find it.

Don’t let fleas overrun your home. Trust our professionals to quickly handle your issue with our industry-leading methods for flea control. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your free estimate!

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