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One of the more enjoyable activities of a Michigan summer is being able to sit outside and enjoy time with your friends and family. However, mosquitoes can easily turn your backyard getaway into an uncomfortable space during the warmer months. At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, our professionals know how to quickly get rid of mosquitoes and keep them under control. Not only can we pinpoint their hiding areas and breeding conditions, we utilize top-grade Michigan mosquito control products to eliminate adults and kill the eggs before they can hatch. As a result, you and your family can get back to enjoying all that summer has to offer without the fear of mosquito bites, mosquito born-illnesses, and constantly applying deet spray.

Less Mosquitoes. More Play.

Whether you are hosting an upcoming event or want to ensure your backyard is safe this entire summer season, our professionals are here to fulfill your needs. Our seasonal Michigan mosquito control services will hit all the areas where they like to hide, including shaded areas of grass, wood lines, underneath decking, and everything in between. All applications are children and pet-friendly.

At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, our Michigan mosquito control services include:

  • Free estimate on-site or over the phone

  • Initial application of adulticides and larvicides to kill adult mosquitoes and their eggs

  • Immediate mosquito reduction & control (effective for up to 28 days per application)

  • Long-term mosquito prevention

  • Recommendations to prevent breeding areas on the property

  • Season-long programs (2 month - 6 month programs tailored to your needs)

  • Discounts available for homeowner, subdivision association, or group mosquito treatment

  • One-time treatments available

  • And more

Tick Control

Where there are mosquitos, there are also likely ticks. Take advantage of our convenient treatment packages and kill two pests with one treatment!

All of the materials we use for Michigan mosquito spraying are EPA registered and approved for mosquito treatments to your foliage and lawn. As a result, only 1 to 2 hours are needed after treatment before adults, kids, and pets get back to enjoying some outdoor fun.

Breeding Conditions For Mosquitoes

If you are looking into a mosquito control program, the first thing you want to do is see if there are any conditions on your property that are contributing to the population and the problem. The primary breeding condition a mosquito employs is standing water. The female mosquitoes lay their larvae on the top of the water, and it tends to float above and is half-submerged in the water.

The most common types of water these larvae are found on permanent water, flood water, and water found in containers such as tires, buckets, bird baths, kid pools, tree holes, clogged gutters, and more.

Michigan’s Most Common Pest – The Mosquito

There are roughly 3,500 kinds of mosquitoes around the world, and 40 species in the Michigan area. With the amount of standing water, wetlands, and heavily wooded areas in the State of Michigan, it is a state that mosquitoes thrive in. CJB Pest and Mosquito Control knows what kinds are active in southeast Michigan.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Mosquito-spreading diseases are for the most part curable, but some can carry deadly diseases. These mosquito-borne illnesses can affect the next person as much as they have changed the host body. The most common hosts are humans, birds, and mammals.

  • Zika Virus: Mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus are usually found in warm climates, as they are unable to endure the cold temperatures. Thus, the reason no reported cases of Zika virus in the Michigan area. The few incidents reported were related to individuals who had traveled.
  • West Nile Virus (WNV): The WNV is a widely known USA virus since 1999. The WNV has killed hundreds of humans and thousands sick. Although, in Michigan, less than ten documented cases per year.

Mosquito Diet

Mosquitoes survive on a blood diet, which they suck out of their host. Mosquitoes' main hosts are humans and animals. As the body exhales carbon dioxide, the female mosquito will detect this head toward you. The mosquitoes then land on bare skin, so they can easily pierce the skin and suck blood. This piercing process is not considered to be an actual bit, as it does not contain any teeth in the process. During the piercing, the mosquito sucks in the blood, and before pulling out inserts its saliva into the body; this is what minimizes the soreness of the piercing and minimizes it.

The saliva also contains a natural blood thinner that stays in the mosquito’s body to help fight against blood clotting. There are a few mosquitoes that carry a virus and other diseases in their saliva gland, and when they are leaving their saliva behind; they can inject you with illness and virus as well. Mosquitoes suck as much blood their body can carry and then fly away from the host so they can digest their meal and lay eggs.

Get back to enjoying the outdoors with thorough mosquito spraying from the experts at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control. Contact us today to learn more about Michigan mosquito control.

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