Exterior Pest Control

Are you tired of creepy crawlers finding their way into your home? At CJB Pest Control, our effective treatments will send insects and pests back where they belong – outdoors! When it comes to exterior pest control, our treatments are designed to discourage all pests from entering your home or business, so you can get back to enjoying life, pest-free. To ensure we meet the needs of every residential or commercial property, we are proud to provide a wide range of exterior only pest control options, including:


Our exterior crawling insect treatment provides you with the best overall service against pests who are attempting to nest onto your home or attempting to enter your home for breeding, nesting, or sheltering purposes. All of our work comes with a guarantee. This program includes the treatment of all pest entry point and travel routes, including window and door frames, overhangs, pipes and wires leading into the home, common gaps between two different surfaces, and any other entry points our knowledgeable techs can find on your home or business.


This program is similar to our above stated “perimeter” application plus an added layer of protection around your home with our insecticide granules that break down over time with the rain. The granules work great for clients who have a lot of landscaping beds or mulch beds as well as walk-out basements where they are more prone to insect entry. These granules are pet-friendly and will break down over time with the moisture from rain or a sprinkler system.


(Crawling & Stinging insect prevention)

This is a full exterior treatment for the prevention of crawling and stinging insects. The combination of our “perimeter plus” & “preventive wasp” programs will protect your home and deck against any pest looking to nest on or enter your property. If you have current wasp nesting, we will eliminate and remove them from the house, then prevent any new nesting of wasps, hornets, mud dauber wasps, and carpenter bees (optional upgrade). Other structures that are vulnerable to pests (detached garage, pool fencing, pergola, sheds, mailbox frames, etc.) can also be treated if you like. All of our exterior work is guaranteed.

Keep pest problems at bay with our dependable exterior pest control services. To learn more, contact CJB Pest Control today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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