Carpenter Bee Control

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The warm months of the year are the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors relaxing. However, the swarming and buzzing sounds of carpenter bees can leave you heading back inside. At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, we believe every client should get to enjoy everything nature has to offer without the fear of bees. That is why we are proud to be your trusted source for carpenter bee control.

Why Choose Us For Carpenter Bee Control?

When you are faced with a carpenter bee problem, your first instinct may be to purchase traps or over-the-counter spray. However, this approach can easily worsen the problem at hand. Carpenter bees burrow inside of the wood in and around your property and can cause devastating damage to the structure, meaning time is of the essence when it comes to proper treatment. CJB Pest and Mosquito Control has the specialized equipment, pesticides, and knowledge to exterminate carpenter bee infestations of any size.

Carpenter bees are harder to eliminate because they are much larger than regular bees, nest inside of a void area, and do not sit still for very long. That is why our professionals utilize a highly-effective, two-step process for the treatment and eradication of these flying pests:

  • First, our experts locate the nest. Once the precise location is uncovered we fog to rid of any adult carpenter bees inside at the time, and apply dust into the void areas in order to kill any that return to the nest or hatch from eggs. Our top-grade incesticide sticks to the bodies of bees going in and out, helping to carry the poison to the entire colony.

  • We then direct our focus on any remaining areas on, in, and around your house such as garages, decks, sheds, and playsets that are vulnerable to future nesting. Unlike over-the-counter products that provide little to no residual effectiveness on any treated areas, our pesticides are highly-effective, working to both terminate and repel carpenter bees.

Carpenter Bees Identification

When homeowners start to notice large, fat, black and yellow bees hovering outside near wood (soffits, decks, trim boards) in late-spring and early summer, these most likely are carpenter bees searching for partners and promising sites to build their nests (small round holes). Male carpenter bees are quite bold, often flying in front of people who are near their nests. The males have no stingers, therefore, are quite harmless. Female carpenter bees, however, can deliver an unpleasant sting but rarely do unless physically handled. Carpenter bees are becoming more and more plentiful in Southeast Michigan every year.

Difference Between Carpenter Bees and Bumblebees

Despite their comparable appearance, the nesting habits of the two insects are quite different. Carpenter bees prefer to tunnel into exposed soft wood like facia-boards behind gutters, soffits, trim boards, and decks by making small, perfectly round holes in the wood and tunneling horizontally to build their nest. Other popular nesting spots include gazebos, wood play sets, patio furniture, and even cedar siding. Whereas, bumblebees build their nest in some void area (hole in the ground, the base of wall void, under low lying decks or woodpiles, basement rafters (when the opening is low to the ground on the outside) where they can build there orangish-yellow egg sack nests.

When you look closely at a carpenter bee, you will see that their top abdomen is hairless and shiny black. Whereas, the abdomen of bumblebees is full of hair, and has a more yellow color.

The easiest way to identify carpenter bees is by watching if the bees are just hovering near the wood, or are drilling into it as stated above for nesting purposes. They are fast, fly higher than bumble bees, and are more active the hotter the temperature. Carpenter bees are most active in May and June when most of the nesting begins.

Trust the pros at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control to safely and effectively rid your home of carpenter bees. To learn more about our industry-leading methods for carpenter bee control, contact us today!

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