Mice Control


Mice are little fuzzy terrors that can become a big problem in a minimal amount of time. When a problem arises, it is essential to work with a pest control company you can trust. At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, we have been providing homes and businesses with dependable mice control services for over 90 years. Our professional team utilizes top-notch strategy, baits, and decades of experience to pinpoint the location of the nesting areas, treat accordingly for fast elimination, and provide an Industry Best Guarantee. Be Rodent Free with CJB!

Mouse Elimination & Prevention

Mice may be small, but they can cause big issues for your home or business. As your trusted mice exterminator, we will eliminate the population quickly and provide you with a 6-month guarantee! Our effective methods include:

  • Strategically placing baits in areas where mice can get to them (tamper-proof stations used at necessary spots).

  • Pet-safe treatment applications.

  • Providing a detailed inspection report with building and environmental recommendations to prevent future issues.

  • Pest-proofing your home or business (seal the openings).

  • No secondary poisoning, no bad odors, no finding dead mice.

  • $25 off coupon for mice elimination.

  • And more

What are the Signs of a Mouse Problem?

When you are dealing with mice infestation, there are many routes you can take; but before you start exploring your options, the best idea is to correctly identify if you have a mice infestation or not. The things you need to keep an eye out for are:

  • Mouse droppings
  • Fresh gnawing marks
  • Nest made of shredded paper or fibrous materials
  • Tunnels in insulation
  • Hearing noises late at night (10pm-5am)
  • And more

The best idea will be to start looking in places you know they can easily build a nest in while cleaning your house. As mice are not active during the day, they will not be seen during normal daytime hours.

Michigan Mice

Having a mouse in the house, also called Mus Musculus, is an annoying and troublesome pest to have. It is also one of the most common pests in America, found in homes, restaurants, warehouses, and hotels. As mice are known for needing little space to live, they can hide in little corners in your basement rafters, your attic, garage, or your crawl space, and look to build a nice little home.

The Mouse Diet

House mice can consume human and pet food, as they need a shelter and constant source of food besides the nuts and seeds they store for the winter. A mice infestation in the house can easily contaminate your property, food, and the place where you prepare your food as they run around the house looking for food and shelter. Mice are known to contaminate food and places with their feces, that carry a bacterium salmonellosis; which spreads food poisoning. Mice problems in the house can exceed when they start to damage your property.

Prevention and Control Against the Mouse Pest

Mice getting into the house is a huge problem, and can cause you a lot of trouble. There are a few ways to get rid of a mouse pest, but the best method by far is to use an effective mice exterminator company like CJB Pest and Mosquito Control. These methods include, letting you know how to mouse proof your house, treating all active areas, and pinpointing the nesting spots.

To ensure they take the bait, you must make sure they don’t have other options to feed on. Once you have eliminated any interior sources, they will be forced to take your bait; and will die off within 14 days.

Mouse Proof Your Home

This is a great way to prevent future problems with mice, as it is a more permanent solution towards mice pest control. CJB Pest and Mosquito Control will provide you with an inspection report to let you know what should be sealed off or repaired. These places can be soffit gaps, gaps around water pipes, utilities, bay window frames, and vents. We also offer repair work to most any opening in the home. (separate quote) But our repairs make sure all the entrance spots will be tightly fit, so there is now way they can make it through. Mice can enter through ¼ inch openings, so professionals like CJB Pest and Mosquito Control will know what to look for.

Exterminating mice in a house is not an easy task for the homeowner, but it is for a professional like CJB Pest and Mosquito Control. End the reign of mice within 14 days and have the peace of mind with your 6-month guarantee. Mice problems are something that needs to be taken care of. As they can reproduce six weeks after they are born and reproduce at an exponential rate.

Protect your home or business from mice with the help of CJB Pest and Mosquito Control. To learn more about mice control, contact us today or schedule your free estimate.

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