Pillbug Control


Is it starting to feel as if you’re sharing your space with pillbugs? You’ve noticed them in your garden and under rocks, but now they are starting to appear inside your home. If you are dealing with a pillbug problem, it is time you turned to the experts at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control. We have been helping homes and businesses stay pest-free for over 90 years. When it comes to pillbug control, our professionals utilize top-grade equipment and materials to eliminate your issue both promptly and effectively. As a result, you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your space without any tiny, unwanted visitors.

Get Back to Pest-Free Living

Pillbugs are known to nest outside of homes, but oftentimes move inside for warmth, shelter, moisture, and to feed. While they are not a threat to humans and pets, these insects can become a serious nuisance, burrowing down into the deep, dark corners of your home. When it comes to pillbug control, our experts not only eradicate your problem with industry-leading materials and techniques, we provide detailed inspection reports to help every client safeguard their property against future infestations, and let you know what needs to be sealed up to prevent them from entering your home in the first place.

Insect Treatment and Control Service

  • Interior and exterior “general crawling insect” treatment- 6 month guarantee.
  • Exterior “perimeter & perimeter plus” programs to prevent entry and reduce their population outside by treating areas where they breed and nest.

Don’t tackle a pillbug problem by yourself. Trust our professionals to handle your issue with industry-leading methods for pillbug control. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your free estimate!

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